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Multiple Vintage Pressed Glass Cruets

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Five pressed glass cruets all different but complimentary to one another if you wanted to pair or group these. They would be perfect for oil and vinegar, dressings or even use them in your bathroom for special essential bath mixtures. Think unique personalized gift! 
these are in excellent condition. One of the glass stoppers has a chip in it, please see the photos.
each measuring around 7.5“ tall. 

Here are some key features to look for when determining if glass is “cut glass” or “pressed glass”: 

Seams- pressed glass will often show seams from where it was removed from the mold vs. cut glass where seams are smoothed out in the cutting process.

Refracting light- cut glass will refract light similar to a prism that creates a rainbow when held up to the light. 

Edges- sharp edges indicate cut glass 

Please review pictures carefully for condition, measurements, and design details. We try our best to be transparent in our listings outlining any flaws with both our description and corresponding pictures. Please contact us with any questions. We are always happy to answer inquiries about an item. 

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