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Antique hand fired Native American black pottery

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This one of a kind hand fired pot/jar has so much unique character with its black and taupe color matte finish.

Native American pottery making has a rich 7500 year history in the Americas.  
The bottom of the pot shows where it would’ve been placed in a fire pit to harden. A traditional pit firing method would have involved the pot being placed in a shallow pit dug into the earth along with other unfired pottery, covered with wood and brush, or dung, then set on fire to harden at temperatures of 1400 degrees or more. 

Due to its handmade nature, this pot does not sit completely stable on its bottom. It tends to roll to one side on an angle, and would look lovely with some greens in it to contrast with the black finish. The bottom does show some minor cracks, which are consistent with its age, however, it is in excellent condition with no major cracks or chips. 

I was not able to find any markings on this pot that would give additional reference for when and where it was made.

It measures about 31“ circumference around the widest part and when holding it upright about 9 1/2 inches tall.

Please note this item is considered vintage or antique and therefor will likely have some imperfections that are consistent with its age. We do our best to provide a detailed description of each item in the listing and photos.  Bowerbird Vintage is happy to answer questions prior to check-out about an item’s condition. Please look at all photos and reach out with questions you have.  All item sales are final and Returns & exchanges will not be accepted.


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